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Can Blogging Help You Make Extra Money?

A few extra bucks never hurt anybody; especially in a time like this when it is becoming difficult to make the ends meet with the rising costs. Seeing more and more internet users indulging in blogging makes you wonder whether they are actually making money out of it. Although many bloggers simply choose to write a blog because they want to share some thought, idea, opinion, or information, there are still many bloggers who simply want to do it because they want to make some extra money. So wondering if you can do it too? Well, you can if you follow these golden tips below.

Golden Tips:

First of all, you should understand that there is no easy way or shortcut to making money through blogs. It is a long-term process that can span over months or days, depending upon how much time you are willing to give your newly found hobby.

Secondly, in order to have a blog that sells you need to research heavily and be able to produce a lot of original and yet interesting content all the time. The best way that you can ensure your blog is reputable and highly ranked is if you keep updating it and refreshing it frequently with new things to share.

Generating Traffic to Your Blog:

Once you have created a good flow of traffic to your blog and have managed to create a good reputation, you can then move forward to making some money through your newly found acceptability over the internet.

  • The most common and sure-shot way of making some money off your blog is by selling advertisements. And as said earlier, that can only happen if your blog has managed to earn a favorable reputation. Worthy ads are only going to buy space on your blogs if they see that a lot of traffic is headed your way. So initially work on creating an excellent and attractive blog and then you should have no trouble finding ads for your blog. Most expert bloggers suggest that 250 X 300-pixel ads are best for blogs.
  • Bloggers also make a lot of money by participating in affiliate programs. There are thousands of websites out there that you can help in selling their products. By creating links and writing reviews of their products, you can assist in sales. For every user who follows the link from your blog and then ends up making the purchase of the product that you referred, you get some percentage of the sale. This percentage might be very modest and the actual money you make through this way could really be small but it will add up to make a nice amount on the side.
  • You can create links to your own website or offer products or services through your blog. This way your blog is an indirect source of making money. For example, you can offer freelance writing or web development services through your blog or, as many expert bloggers suggest, writing and then selling e-books on niches that you are comfortable writing about can also be a great way to generate some money.

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